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Harlee’s Trip to China

In February, I had the opportunity to visit GE Healthcare Beijing. Beijing is where the GE OEC Brivo C-arm and MiniView Mini C-arm, are manufactured. The purpose of my visit was to give feed back to the Chinese and American engineering teams on what our Texas pain doctors and surgeons want from our C-arms to continue to best meet their clinical and budgetary needs.

This was my first visit to China and I could not have been more impressed with the engineering and marketing teams – a group of smart, young, energetic and extremely hard working men and women. They are the best of the best (this is the picture of the group in their lab).


The picture with the group standing around the equipment are combined members of the Chinese and American teams. The picture of the chefs cooking with the woks was one of the food lines in the GE cafeteria. I can attest to the food, it was delicious.


There is another picture of myself at dinner one evening along with two of our hosts enjoying dinner at a restaurant specializing in “Hot Pot” cooking. There is another picture of myself and Chad Kendell, the V.P. – Americas Surgery Sales (OEC) for GE who invited me to Beijing.


GE OEC INTRODUCES The New “Non-hospital” 9900s for office and ASC

The C-arm that you want, at the price you can afford

If you are the administrator or the physician owner of an ambulatory surgery center you have been faced with a big decision regarding your C-arm purchase – how to balance the needs and wants of your doctors while staying in your budget and all without sacrificing reliability and service. You can now own the market leading GE OEC 9900 Elite in a non-hospital version.

Available in four configurations including our favorite, Super C, GE OEC introduces a 9900 “Lite”. The 9900 your physicians and staff know and ask for, but with hospital relevant features removed. The perfect option for the non hospital facility who needs the market leading GE OEC 9900 Elite Super at budget conscious prices.

I Bought My C-Arm Now What?

You know that you have to do several things, but you can’t remember exactly what’s next?

We will make this very simple for you. Contact either Harlee McCourt or Joe McCourt and tell us you need help. We will walk you through everything you need to do and we will follow it up with an e-mail listing important phone numbers, contacts and websites.

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel – that’s why we are here.