C-Arm Tables

Efficient patient throughput while minimizing radiation exposure should be a goal of every practice.

Your new or refurbished GE OEC C-arm is the best place to begin. Great images generated with minimal radiation by a user-friendly c-arm that almost everybody is familiar with from day one!

However, all too often, little thought is given to the procedure table being used with that great GE OEC C-arm.

The “wrong” table can degrade your images (even when using a great c-arm), cause more radiation to be generated than necessary, add minutes to your procedures and reduce patient throughput and your revenues.

Contact us to discuss how/why this often happens and ways to avoid it.

We offer mobile c-arm imaging tables of three of the best manufacturers in the business…Medstone by Arcoma, IDI and Oakworks.

All are “Made in the USA”.

Decide which table will best fit your needs and budget.

Do not forget your Table Drape. You should have one for every procedure table where you use a C-arm!

Here’s why;

During most procedures, the x-ray tube is almost always under the table producing radiation which scatters randomly throughout the room.

Your radiation damage is cumulative…just like your damage from exposure to the sun. It is important to take every practical, reasonable measure to reduce your radiation exposure every day.

A table drape, along with radiation reducing procedure gloves, glasses and aprons with thyroid shields are easy-to-implement, cost-effective ways to begin effectively controlling your radiation exposure with virtually no disruption to your routine.

Your table drape immediately reduces a major source of scatter radiation. (Most people never even think about this !)

Click here to see what scatter from under a table looks like with and without a table drape.

We can easily install a table drape on most manufacturer’s tables in 5 minutes.

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