Extended Warranty

“GE OEC offers a variety of extended warranty options and prices which take effect when your 1-year GE factory warranty expires.

Ask us about special promotional pricing available when you sign up when your c-arm is delivered. Of course, you do not begin paying until your factory warranty expires!”

Your new, used or refurbished C-arms are the center piece of your practice and your business. When one is down or not functioning as designed, you may well be out of business both clinically and financially.

Protect Your Investment

To protect your investment and your business (and your sanity), ALL new, used or refurbished C-arms purchased from GE OEC are supported by the same 1-year GE factory warranty. One of our 200 full-time GE OEC US field service engineers and a back-up is assigned to your c-arm. They will automatically schedule and perform all routine and preventive maintenance required by the factory to keep your c-arm functioning as designed.

To continue to protect your c-arm investment after your 1-year factory warranty has expired, GE OEC recommends an extended warranty (“service agreement”). This insures that all maintenance is properly performed on schedule and that service, if necessary is covered and receives scheduling priority.

There are several “service agreement” options available for any new, used or refurbished c-arm purchased from GE OEC. Contact us anytime at 713-665-5510 to discuss.