OEC Elite CFD (Flat Detector)

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Introducing CFD:
The Ingenious CMOS Flat Detector

At last, a more efficient panel that delivers better image quality at low dose.

Flat panel detector (FD) technology has long promised IQ at low dose: the ability to deliver images that have the resolution, clarity, contrast, and lack of artifact, at the conscientious dose levels you and your patients demand. The ingenious flat panel detector available on board the OEC Elite CFD is an exclusive, high-efficiency CMOS flat detector (CFD). Combined with the advanced technology in our newest C-arm design, the CFD empowers you to go beyond the low dose imaging trade-offs that have characterized mobile FDs for a decade.  The CMOS flat detector, specifically for full-size mobile C-arms, is exclusive to GE OEC and it’s what you’ve been waiting for in a mobile FD C-arm.

CMOS: the right mobile FD technology.

Available in the Super C and now introducing the Ergo C.

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