Becker’s: 24 Best States to Practice in for 2023

From Becker’s Friday, May 19th Article – Idaho has been named the top state for physicians to practice in for 2023, based on data from Medscape’s “Best & Worst Places to Practice” report, released on May 18.

Medscape took several factors into account, including compensation, degree of physician burnout, health of state residents, quality-of-life measures, tax burden, crime rate, medical malpractice premiums and the rate of adverse actions.

Texas coming in at #18

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Becker’s Top 10 most-recruited physician specialties

From Friday, May 12 Beckers – Gastroenterologists are the most-recruited physicians, according to Physicians Thrive’s “2023 Physician Compensation Report.”

For the report, Physicians Thrive compiled data from more than 12 sources, including Doximity, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Merritt Hawkins.

1. Gastroenterologists

2. Radiologists

3. Rheumatologists

4. Hematologists/oncologists

5. Urologists

6. Cardiologists

7. Pulmonary/critical Care

8. Psychiatrists

9. OB/GYNs

10. Neurologists

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Becker’s The specialties driving ASC growth

From Becker’s As procedures migrate to the outpatient setting, ASC leaders are seeing cardiology and orthopedics as huge opportunities for growth.

Cardiology procedures received the highest estimated Medicare payment increases in 2021, making it the fastest growing ASC specialty, according to Avanza’s “2022 Key ASC Benchmarks and Industry Figures” report. Orthopedics is the most common specialty for ASCs in 2022, according to March data from the ASC Association.

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How 740 self-employed physicians feel about their income (Becker’s)

Over half of self-employed physicians are satisfied with their income, according to Medcape’s 2022 “Self-Employed Physicians Report.”

The report surveyed over 740 self-employed physicians.

It found that 19 percent of self-employed physicians are very satisfied with their incomes, while 46 percent are satisfied.

Twenty-one percent feel neutral about their incomes, and 10 percent are unsatisfied. Just 3 percent are very unsatisfied.

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Registration Opens for Texas Pain Society Annual Meeting

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The TEXAS PAIN SOCIETY’s annual meeting will be held at the Kalahari Resorts (a great place!), in Round Rock, Texas, on October 28-30.

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Most Popular Medical, Non-Medical Side Gigs for Physicians (Becker’s)

Do you have a side hustle? According to Physician Extra Income report from Medscape, 37-Percent of Physicians have a side gig.

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Thirteen most popular medical side gigs:

1. Medical consulting

2. Expert witness

3. Chart reviewing

4. Medical moonlighting

5. Speaking

6. Telemedicine

7. Medical device development

8. Healthcare startup development

9. Medical spa work

10. Medical podcasting/blogging

11. EMR training

12. Tutoring

13. Mental health counseling

Thirteen most popular non-medical side gigs: 

1. Real estate

2. Investing

3. Consulting

4. Teaching

5. Writing

6. Sports

7. Business consulting

8. Social media influencer

9. Cooking

10. Arts and crafts

11. Playing music

12. Life/career coaching

13. Photography

Richest Physician in USA Worth $17 Billion (Becker’s)

A physician with a net worth of $17 billion made Forbes 2022 list of the 400 wealthiest Americans, based on data from September 2022.

Thomas Frist Jr., MD, co-founded Nashville, Tenn.-based HCA Healthcare in 1968 with his father Thomas Frist Sr., MD, a cardiologist and internist, and Jack Mackey, an investor who owned Kentucky Fried Chicken, according to Bloomberg. Dr. Frist now owns more than 20 percent of the company.

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Nursing Compensation 2022 (Becker’s)

As the workforce becomes older and more nurses are retiring, about 203,000 new nurses will be needed every year through 2031 to fill the gap, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Since the start of the pandemic, nursing compensation has increased, with the mean annual wage for registered nurses at $82,750 as of May 2021.

The following statistics provide a view of nursing compensation.

Note: Several data sources were used to compile this report. 

RN mean annual wage for all 50 states

What employed physicians like least about their job (Becker’s)

From Becker’s, Medscape surveyed more than 1,350 physicians employed by healthcare organizations, hospitals, large group practices, clinics or other medical groups about their jobs.

Here is why surveyed physicians dislike being employed:

  • Less autonomy: 48 percent
  • More workplace rules: 34 percent
  • Less income potential: 33 percent
  • Mandatory performance targets: 24 percent
  • Lack of job security: 7 percent
  • Not as productive as I would like: 6 percent

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