OEC Elite II

OEC Elite II Texas

Renowned Image Quality.
Innovative Features.

The combination of innovative and foundational imaging features available on OEC Elite empower surgical teams to adapt as changes occur. Trusted features assist in capturing images rich with clarity and detail:

Innovative Features

  • Live Zoom up to 4X original size, pan to area of interest, and image in zoomed setting with no change in technique
  • Digital Pen allows drawing directly on screen, with lines that remain persistent on live image
  • Measurement and annotation tools to assist in procedure planning
  • Reference Image Hold for quick comparisons
  • Automatic imaging profiles, including General HD, help accentuate critical anatomy

Foundational Features

  • Smart Metal automatically adjusts brightness and contrast when metal is present in the imaging field
  • AutoTrak Automatic Brightness Stabilization (ABS) identifies and focuses on areas of interest
  • Minimal difference spatiotemporal noise filter (MDST) suppresses noise for definition and clarity
  • Real-time general purpose dynamic range management (GDRM) accentuates critical anatomy and attenuates background tissue

Articulating Monitor
Large, Crisp Display.

Enable surgical teams to see more information easily without straining. High resolution monitor shows large displayed images to see fine details:

  • 32” ultra-high definition 4K display
  • Large 12.4” dual displayed images
  • Bring display closer with 27” forward travel
  • Flexible viewing with display arm featuring 5 articulations

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