Ultrasound Rentals

We rent portable GE ultrasound systems to just about any type of healthcare facility or healthcare provider anywhere in the USA. We purchase our systems brand new, directly from GE. You can rent for a week or as long as you might need to, no matter where you are in the USA or your type of facility.

Contact Harlee Medical at 713-665-5510. We will create a rental program to fit your needs.


We offer only late-model, portable units such as the GE’s new LOGIQe R7, which we purchase brand new, directly from GE.

Ultrasound Rental FAQ

No. However, we work closely with the GE ultrasound sales team if/when you decide to purchase.



No. We do provide GE’s excellent, detailed video tutorials.

Rates are reasonable. The longer you rent, the better the rental rate.

Contact us for a quote.

Next day, if need be. Portable units are not very heavy.

Just about anyone in the USA.

We rent our ultrasound units just about anywhere in the USA.

Only late model GE portables. No old technology, out-of-date or refurbished systems.

To fill a unexpected need when the capital budget does not include an ultrasound system.

“Try before you buy.” Use the unit to be sure that it is what you really want and need.

To verify and better understand ultrasound reimbursement.

To understand how incorporating ultrasound will effect work flow.

Uncertainty in the US healthcare market. Is it smart to make a large investment or sign a long-term lease?

A new ultrasound-trained physician is about to join and needs a system to begin practicing but an ultrasound system is not in the capital budget.

Your current ultrasound unit has “died” and you need a system fast.

You only need a system for a short term project.

It is all about filling unexpected or short term needs.