Radiation Protection

Get Protected

If you or your staff need properly sized and light weight X-ray gowns that are affordable, yet durable we can help.

If you have ever bought a pair of leaded eyewear and the company or representative was no where to be found when you dropped the glasses and broke your lens, we can help.

If you need radiation gloves or barriers or apron racks, we can help. But, if you also want a high level of service along with your x-ray aprons, glasses and gloves, we have been providing radiation protection along with a high level of continuing support and service for over 20 years.

Scatter radiation  is the silent enemy in every procedure where a c-arm is used. It is all too often underestimated and ignored by surgeons and staff alike.

Like sun damage, radiation damage is cumulative

This is why every c-arm table should have a 3-sided table drape (link to attachment.) Every surgeon who uses a c-arm for her procedures  should wear radiation reducing gloves (link to glove page), for every case, under her sterile surgeon’s gloves as well as radiation protective glasses, a thyroid collar and a PROPERLY fitting apron.”