9900 Elite (Lite)


Simple. Certain. Precise.

The OEC 9900 Elite (Lite) is designed to enhance your clinical workflow and clinical confidence for your surgical practice. The OEC 9900 Elite (Lite) select configurations are ideal for Office, Outpatient and Ambulatory Center settings.

If you are the administrator or the physician owner of an ambulatory surgery center you have been faced with a big decision regarding your C-arm purchase – how to balance the needs and wants of your doctors while staying in your budget and all without sacrificing reliability and service. You can now own the market leading GE OEC 9900 Elite in a non-hospital version.

Available in four configurations including our favorite, Super C, GE OEC introduces a 9900 “Lite”. The 9900 your physicians and staff know and ask for, but with hospital relevant features removed. The perfect option for the non-hospital facility who needs the market leading GE OEC 9900 Elite Super-C at budget conscious prices.

  • 1k x 1k x 16 bit resolution imaging
  • Advanced image processing accentuates what needs to be seen and attenuates what isn’t needed
  • Dynamic Range Management technology processes images such as bone and vasculature separately for optimum definition
  • Dose management options for more control: Digital Spot, High Level Fluoroscopy, Standard Fluoroscopy, Low Dose, and Pulse Mode
  • Smart Metal for enhanced imaging when metal is present
  • AutoTrak sampling window automatically moves with the anatomy to ensure superb images during live fluoro
  • Simple user interface with touchscreen reduces procedure time to improve efficiency
  • Flat panel monitors on an articulating arm allow viewing of images from anywhere in the room
  • Superb mechanical C-arm design features counterbalancing and friction controls for easier AP and lateral movement, orbital rotation, and head-to-toe angulation
  • On-site certified Clinical Specialist training provided during initial orientation and training
  • Expert installation and dedicated Field Service team with over 200 Engineers located in all 50 states
  • Service support when needed with 30-minute call-back commitment
  • Comprehensive service offerings available to support your needs from full-service to limited coverage for on-site support, GE parts and accessories, and more