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Top 10 Benefits of Ownership

GE OEC Benefits of Ownership

  1. OEC has made and sold over 33,000 new C-arms. 7 out of 10 US surgeons use OEC C-arms today.
  2. OEC has a 100% Uptime Guarantee during the warranty period – we will extend the warranty by one month for each full day of downtime during the weekday period.
  3. OEC’s C-arms earn up to four times more in resale value than competitive C-arms.
  4. OEC has 195 Field Service Engineers, with an average of over 15 years of experience who service only OEC equipment .
  5. OEC’s 60 Clinical Imaging Specialists are certi ed in applications training and have an 18-year average tenure as radiologic technologists.
  6. OEC is the only C-arm supported with a Clinical Call Center providing live Clinical Imaging Support.
  7. OEC is the only major brand of C-arms made in the USA – you will have any needed repair parts delivered within 24 hours 96% of the time.
  8. OEC’s independent customer satisfaction scores for Service say that we exceed expectations for 97% of all customers.
  9. OEC trains over 4,000 surgeons a year in clinical workshops.
  10. OEC is part of healthymagination, GE’s commitment to spend $6B to improve healthcare across the globe by reducing costs, improving quality and increasing access to healthcare